User's Guide and Maintenance for Louvered Pergola

Allow us to thank you for choosing the top-of-the-line aluminium TERRA SUMMER products made to measure for your outdoor living space. In order to take full advantage of our products, here are some recommendations that we suggest you apply.


  • Ensure adult supervision when young children are present near your outdoor environment to ensure that it is used safely.
  • Avoid contact with the blades when they are moving.
  • Avoid suspending or adding weight to the swivel slats or frame to avoid damaging the motor, the frame or the slats.
  • In strong winds, open the adjustable slats a little bit to allow better air circulation and thus limit any damage to the frame or slats.

Garden with Pergola


In the fall after the leaves have fallen, it is recommended to clean the gutter posts and ensure that the water is draining properly inside the posts.

In preparation for winter, it is recommended to open the adjustable slats to 90 degrees to allow snow to pass through and avoid any accumulation of snow or ice, which could damage your pergola.

During winter thaws, it is important to check that there is no ice build-up at the base of the poles, which would prevent water from escaping. Ice formation inside the poles would cause them to expand.

If you cannot be confident that you will be able to check that the water is draining during the winter thaws, we recommend that you have heating wires installed by a certified electrician inside the poles to ensure that the water drains away and to prevent ice from forming inside the poles.


The more you take care of your system, the longer it will last. Wash regularly with water only. Do not use hot water or high-pressure cleaners. Do not use solvents or abrasive detergents.