You can’t count on goodweather, but you can count on us.

Our mission

Your favorite outdoor space, right at home.

We believe home should be your favorite place on Earth. So that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round, we have made it our mission to create outdoor living spaces that transform your home into a place you will never want to leave.

Our philosophy

Creating affordable and high-quality outdoor living spaces.

We believe that high quality and great design should be accessible to all. We have been manufacturing shades and pergolas for more than 10 years, focusing on durability, sustainability and innovation. In order to ensure superior quality, we have built strong relations with partners. Our standards are extremely high and we make sure that each product leaving our factory delivers 100% client satisfaction.

TerraSummer Owner
Our Products

Unmatched quality and durability to withstand any climate.

Durability is the key to building functional luxury into your outdoor living area. That’s why we use the highest quality aluminum to make our products lightweight, corrosion resistant, flexible, long lasting and environmentally friendly. With the ability to adapt to any environment, Terra Summer brings you comfort you can count on.

Our Team

Built on expertise and passion

We are committed to delivering products that you will enjoy for years. Our factory, located in Quebec, Canada, is equipped with the latest technology to build modern designs to the highest standards.

TerraSummer Team
TerraSummer Team
TerraSummer Team
TerraSummer Team

Our values of Equity, Teamwork, Professionalism and Gratitude have led us to build a strong team that is proud to deliver quality products and exceptional customer service.

We can’t promise you good weather, but we can guarantee you a Terra Summer.