TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in Black
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in Black
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in Black
TerraSummer Open Louvered Pergola Manual
TerraSummer Closed Louvered Pergola Manual in Black
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in White
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in White
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in White
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in White
TerraSummer Louvered Pergola Manual in White
TerraSummer Manual pergola white blades
TerraSummer Manual pergola waterproof blades
TerraSummer Manual pergola manual crank

Manual Louvered Pergola

Our Manual Pergola: Modular, functional, beautiful.
  • Custom-Made - Ships in 3 to 4 weeks

A premium option without the need for electricity. The Manual Louvered Pergola has been thoughtfully designed and engineered for a user-friendly set-up, accessible to anyone with basic DIY knowledge. This modular model allows you to combine multiple pergolas together. Built to Terra Summer’s exacting standards, the Manual Louvered pergola can be scaled to your specifications or even combined with additional structures to create a truly stunning oasis. The manually-operated louvers effortlessly rotate to 90°, affording you year-round shelter from the elements without requiring an invasive - and costly - electrical installation. Available in a wide array of contemporary mix & match colors, the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and louvers are backed by the Terra Summer 10-year warranty*. All of our paint colors have a textured finished, except for white which is semi-gloss. Once delivered to your door, all that's left for you to do is unpack, assemble and enjoy.

Key Features
  • Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free aluminum components
  • 90° manual louver rotation for optimal luminosity & airflow control
  • Guaranteed 100% weatherproof when closed
  • Worry-free water drainage via concealed downspouts in corner posts
Maximum Dimensions (per module)
  • Maximum Dimensions : 11' 5" x 13' 58"
  • Maximum Area: 150 sq. ft.
  • Maximum Height: 8'
  • Multiple modules can be attached together.
Regular price$7,600.00 USD
  • Free Shipping in USA and Canada

Need assistance?
Toll Free:1-800-515-6652. Use the Chat icon on the lower right corner or fill out our contact form.

Easy to Installfor Everyone - The Lego-like installation can be achieved in a single day by two people. 

Installation Guide [PDF]
Installation Video

Free Shipping - Estimated 7 to 12 business days in transit.
Includes scheduled curbside delivery. At least two persons must be present to accept and move the packages to a secure location.

Terra Summer offers first quality products chosen with care. This limited warranty covers defects in material in new Terra Summer products and offered solely to the original purchaser. See Warranty for more details.

made easy.

Manual Louvered Pergola Lego-like installation
Manual louver operation


The hassle-free, cost-efficient way to get your pergola set up.
Our proven Terra Summer manual gear mechanism saves you time and money without compromising on quality.


More value for your home.

An outstanding outdoor living space is taken to the next level with the addition of a custom-made pergola, scaled to enhance your environment. Not sure about the color? Order aluminum samples first.

Weather-tested construction.

Sun, rain, wind? No worries. Top quality materials combined with meticulous workmanship ensure that Terra Summer Louvered pergolas are resistant to inclement weather and will stand the test of time.

*For detailed Warranty information, go to the Warranty page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sylvia Papp (Peterborough, CA)
Terra Summer company is trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to deal with

My review is with regards to the outstanding customer service I have received from Terra Summer. I have been dealing mostly with Marc Lapointe, who is reliable, quick to answer emails and phone calls and very helpful and knowledgeable with respect to the company products and services. If you are looking for an honest, trustworthy and dependable company, this is the place! Other members of his team have also been incredibly helpful and patient. This company cares about their customers and it shows! Thank you everyone at Terra Summer. Excellent service! Amazing!

avner goodman (Horsham, US)
custom install for the terra louvered pergola

The Pergola was packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. All of the hardware was present, the instructions along with the assembly video made it very easy to put together. My install was a little tricky as we were attaching it to two different roofs and a deck this required us to modify the legs of the pergola but because of the well thought out design this was very easy. we were even able to have the pergolas gutters empty into the gutters on the house. i have not seen a better DIY kit out there that i would attache to my house!

Jeff Ellis (New York, US)
Assembly is not for the faint of heart!

The instructions are, by far, the worst that I have ever tried to follow. After calling customer service, I was told that the instructions are wrong. Why a company would KNOWINGLY ship a unit to a customer with instructions that are wrong is flabbergasting. While the unit itself is nice, it was one of the most frustrating installations I've ever tried to accomplish. Some examples of the issues I encountered:
• The layout that I received for my custom pergola included posts that were labeled with colors (yellow, orange, pink and green). The posts and the beams were labeled with letters (A, B, C, D) with no explanation as to which colors corresponded with which letters.
• The instructions include “In the Box” descriptions of pieces that do not match the description of the pieces in the instructions that follow (e.g., “beams” in the “In the Box” description vs. “arches” in Step 1.
• Extraneous screws – there was a full pack of Round Head #10 screws that were not used anywhere in the instructions. I can only hope that my pergola doesn’t fall apart when the wind blows.
• Screws that were pre-attached to pieces that did not match the instructions. For example:
o In Step 2, the 2 B Screws were attached to the side rafters instead of the arch). I only realized this after attaching the posts to the side rafters, thereby requiring that I disassemble everything and repeat steps.
o In Step 6, the J Screws were attached not to the side rafters where shown, but rather the rear beam.
• Maneuvering profile that was not pre-drilled at the correct diameter, thereby requiring additional filing and/or drilling in order to screw the E screws into the profile.
• Manual foot plates that were not even mentioned in the installation guide, resulting in the need to lift the entire pergola once assembled in order to attach them to each post.
• The installation video includes many of these same issues – it clearly doesn’t correspond to the unit that was shipped to me.

I’m certain that there were other errors that I missed in this list of inaccuracies. I spoke to customer service twice while trying to assemble the unit, and while they were very friendly and tried to answer my questions, they also acknowledged that the instructions that were sent to me were wrong. Why on earth would a company knowingly send WRONG installation instructions to a customer??? Their response was essentially, “that’s what we're here for” – but calling a customer service representative who is hundreds of miles away to try to help solve an issue that could have been avoided in the first instance with accurate instructions seems like a horrible way to promote customer loyalty.

Thank you for the constructive feedback on our instructions.
The cause of this unfortunate situation is that our fabrication and installation processes have changed; due to optimizations we made on the manual pergola, these changes unfortunately impacted the installation instructions. We are very sorry that the updated instructions were not properly relayed to you.
Terra summer is taking all the constructive criticism you posted in your review very seriously and are reviewing the instructions. We are implementing any and all necessary changes to insure this does not happen again.
We are very pleased to hear that you were able to finish your installation over the weekend with the help technical support. The fact you find the pergola nice is also great news.


White Manual Aluminum Louvered Pergola

Motorized pergola

The Classic Pergola is our motorized system and can accommodate larger projects, with or without sidings.
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