Custom garden sanctuary offers an expanded space to recharge

Finding a place to recharge can be as effortless as walking into your own backyard, especially with a retreat that makes your outdoor living space can feel as comfortable as the rest of your home. 

At Terra Summer, our mission is to build continuity between your home and the outdoor space you love to enjoy. We work with clients to create fully customized outdoor refuges, and this nature-based urban project is a prime example of how our spaces can offer a reprieve in any surrounding.

With their home framed by a beautiful forested backdrop, these clients were motivated to create a luxury environment that would extend the livable area of their house and help them utilize their cherished backyard — one rich with trees and manicured gardens. As seasonal changes transformed the beauty of their property each month, these homeowners wanted a space that invited them to be a part of nature, year round. For people who valued their privacy and a quiet environment, it was vital this project took into consideration changing conditions: from shifting sunlight and shade to surrounding noise.


Our Terra Summer design specialists worked with these clients to create a custom reprieve that blends seamlessly into the design of their home while offering superior privacy and climate control. Terra Summer’s bioclimatic Dura Louvered Pergola was the ideal match for this task. With its interlocking swivelling blades providing shelter and a complete seal from sun and rain, it allows the flexibility to shift from partial to full coverage. The addition of Lumina privacy shutters in this structure was crucial for creating a secluded environment — one that could be easily drawn when needed, or adjusted for an open, airy hideaway. 

The extruded aluminum construction in this system offers a high durability and low-maintenance solution while enhancing the lavish atmosphere of the outdoor area with a contemporary design. Because Terra Summer’s outdoor living spaces can be built using multiple modules, the size is as flexible as your vision, and can be installed either as a freestanding structure on posts, or attached directly to a building as a wall mount. All Terra Summer products interchangeably fit together, meaning you can design your own unique combinations of screens, shutters and shelters to forge the perfect outdoor space for your needs.

As seen by the flawlessly matched LUMINA paneling in this project, our aluminum structures are available in a variety of colours to align with a modern backdrop. Our Dura pergolas can also be equipped with heat panels and LED lighting integrated into the structure, making this an ideal area for relaxation in the evenings and inviting you to unwind from a long busy day in your favourite spot. Remote control access allows you to modulate the intensity of the lighting or heat and curate an ideal atmosphere for every occasion. 

Your recharge oasis awaits you.