Can a louvered pergola ever be truly waterproof?

Louvered Pergola - Blades Opened

Investing in a louvered roof is the single most powerful choice you can make to ensure you and your guests will enjoy your outdoor space in any weather. 

In a few seconds, you can transform your outdoor area and set the louvers from full sun to perfectly angled shade. On a rainy afternoon, the louvers can be closed completely to keep everyone dry.

Louvered Pergola - Blades Closed

How effective are louvers at keeping out water, though? 

Our product research shows that not every louvered roof is created equal. In fact, while some structures only repel water, Terra Summers Louvered Pergola provides complete waterproofing to protect your outdoor living space from any dampness.

Achieving total waterproofing is no small feat. In order to create the tightest seal possible, our Terra Summer design experts engineered a gasket (as seen in the image above) that frames each louvered edge with an extremely high-quality rubber to prevent all splatter and retain sealing properties over time.

When the louvers are closed, all water is drained through an intricate runoff system, hidden inside the pergola structure.

Pergola Water Drainage

To put our work to the test, we requested resistance tests for the Terra Summer Pergola to see how the structure holds up to  extreme conditions. The results were clear: even during heavy tropical rains and violent wind storms, water doesn't get through. 

These tests allowed our experts to monitor leakage of the blades when closed, as well as the drainage capacity of the runoff system in the pergola. With gale-force winds as high as 22 miles per hour and an extreme rainfall of as much as as 7 inches per hour, the blades remained perfectly watertight. 

The results confirm that our louvered roof system is ideal for any outdoor living area: such as patios, decks, verandas, gardens, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and spas.

With Terra Summers Louvered Pergola you can make plans with confidence knowing your roof will keep you and your guests dry in any weather.

Complete Water Seal