Custom oasis provides easy escape from the elements

Every season can become your favourite.

A customized retreat space builds functional elegance into your home, allowing you to enjoy a quiet evening with the family, entertain guests for special events, or listen to crickets on a starry night with satisfying a cup of tea. 

TerraSummer Craftsman House Outdoor Living

Terra Summer Living Spaces infuse your outdoor living area with a sense of luxury, creating an atmosphere of enjoyment, year round.

The goal of this custom-built rural project was to enhance the livable space of the property, providing a shelter from the elements, shade from sun and protection from bugs and insects so this family could spend more time outdoors.

TerraSUmmer Veranda

Set in a location with few trees, this property lacks natural shade and is surrounded by country fields — offering stunning panoramic views the homeowners wanted to enjoy without the dust, allergens and pests common in the country. Our experts at Terra Summer worked with these clients to design a space that integrated seamlessly with the style of their home. The result was an outdoor sanctuary that’s as functional by day as it is romantic by night. 

TerraSummer Dura Fixed Screens

The Dura Fixed Screens used in this project allow the structure to permanently provide a reliable source of shade, wind and bug protection, while the sleek and attractive lines add visual interest to the layout of the home and are tailored to align with the rustic farm motifs.

TerraSummer Outdoor Living Space

Customized iron railings offer guests a safe place to lean or relax, ensuring the screens remain stable for years to come. And, because these screens are built around the frame of the structure, beautiful views remain untouched with long-lasting, modern protection.

TerraSummer Dura Screens

These screens are constructed out of extruded aluminum, presenting both superior durability and low maintenance so people can spend their time enjoying their space. Because each project is entirely customized, the screens can be made to fit unique requirements and even cover large or irregularly shaped areas. This outdoor space was built to expand the usable footprint of the home, enhancing both the value of the property and the living experience.

TerraSummer Dura Bug Screens

Dura Fixed Screens can also be combined with Terra Summer’s motorized screen systems to create areas with open flexibility. Comfort is taken one step further with screen material tailored for individual needs. As featured in this project, Terra Summer’s bug-resistant screens are made of transparent black fibreglass PVC: offering excellent visibility and light wind protection, which preserves a comfortable outdoor sensation. Terra Summer’s sun shades are made entirely of PVC, with micro-perforations that protect from harmful UV rays and offer coverage from wind and rain while maintaining warmth inside the space.

TerraSummer Dura Door

To ensure using the space is easy, the custom swing door with lock system is one of the smoothest and most durable systems on the market. The door featured in this project offers guests a convenient outdoor entrance to avoid unnecessary movement through the house. All Terra Summer products interconnect, giving clients the opportunity to build unique combinations of sliding or swing doors for the most easeful outdoor experiences.

The modern design of this project adds spacious vibrancy to the home — from the custom latticework deck cover to the natural pine paneling that links this room to the rest of the house. White trim and specialized pot lighting creates a casual elegance, and elevated outdoor lounge furniture completes the look.

TerraSummer Patio Living

Outdoor living spaces are created with the mission to build a retreat that becomes your favourite place to spend time in your home — throughout every season.