Add value to your home with the right outdoor space

Outdoor living spaces can add serious value to a home — especially as more designers and homebuyers aim to take the inside, outside. That said, not every outdoor space will generate the same return on investment.  

Homebuyer statistics show that adding the right outdoor living area to your home can increase your overall property value by as much as 20 per cent, which could represent a big payoff. Yet, having a poorly finished or unfinished outdoor space will dramatically decease the value of your home, seriously impacting resale potential.

The key to creating a valuable outdoor space is to ensure the extension matches the existing home design. That's why Terra Summer offers a large selection of colors, so clients can perfectly match their home exterior, frames and trim. 

Louvered Pergola Dark Bronze with White blades

The Louvered Pergola XL - Wall Mount with a dark bronze structure to match with the window trims. Customer selected white blades to add luminosity for his outdoor space.

Modern Pergola

The Louvered Pergola XL - Wall Mount with a black structure and white blades that completely harmonized with this modern concept.

You can order your color samples here.

Louvered Pergola Pool

Durable construction and material is essential to creating a valuable outdoor space. Terra Summer’s products are made of high-grade aluminum, which is long-lasting and impact-resistant. It’s resistant to UV radiation and corrosion, which means little maintenance is required.

Finally, building function into an outdoor space is vital to adding property value. Even if your home has an impressive outdoor area, you can further increase its value by installing Terra Summer’s motorized screens or shades to make sure guests can enjoy the outdoors, year round.