Motorized Screen Details - DO NOT EDIT

TerraSummer Electra Screen Rail

A. Sliding Rail

The aluminum rails are attached to the exterior walls of your outdoor living structure. The rails’ unique design ensures the screen is tightly set for limited stretching over time.

TerraSummer Electra Screen Tension Bar

B. Tension Line

A rubber line is fixed to the tension bar system, providing a sealed closure at the bottom of the opening.

TerraSummer Electra Screen Broom

C. Broom

To maintain your screen or sun shade clean of insects or debris, we’ve incorporated a broom along the top casing.

TerraSummer Electra Screen Fabric

D. Fabric

The Serge Ferrari Horizon 86 is entirely made of PVC, offering superior stability, This sun shade with micro-perforations with only 14 % openings is excellent to protect from the sun, the wind and the rain. This fabric increases the retention of the heat inside your outdoor living space.